Read our new report – No one wants to see my baby

In August 2020, our Babies in Lockdown report shared insights into the impact that COVID-19 was having on babies and their parents of all backgrounds from across the UK. That research found that COVID-19 and the lockdown affected parents, babies and the services that support them in diverse ways.

This autumn, we returned to some of the parents who had taken part in the initial research to understand in-depth how the pandemic continues to impact them.

No one wants to see my baby raises concerns that parents are still struggling to access essential services to help them through pregnancy and beyond, with problems including accessing face-to-face medical care, reduced access to health visitors and a lack of accessible community parent and baby groups.

Lockdown has been so stressful, especially early on when we couldn’t even go out for fresh air. My daughter picked up on how I was feeling – she became very clingy in a way she’d never been before, I couldn’t even shower properly because she got so upset. Before lockdown she was fine – now I feel she could sense what was going on and it even made her feel depressed

Fim, 35, and lives in London with her two year old.